Erika Lane (tattoogoddess) wrote in deathtopred,
Erika Lane

Ok so it has finally happened-I began 20mg prednisone this morning....scared-yes I am. So other than that I am also very frustrated-I guess my antibody tier is 1 to 320-I read that anything over 1 to 60 is Lupus. Half of my doctors know it is Lupus-the other two are being skeptical because the other blood and urine tests that were done are ok for now (I was not in a flare I believe)-but I am assuming there is only so much that can be checked thru that to see where the Lupus if attacking. So help me-what tests should I be asking for (while I have it financially covered-it won't be for long)....the doctor yesterday said it is obvious something is going on with that tier so high-it has to be systemic. So am I right in assuming they need to check more areas? I am losing my mind....I go back to one of the docs Monday-HELP!!!!!

BTW-out of nowhere I got so sick today-weird coincidence I hope-stuffy, sneezing all day-which made my head and chest hurt...watery eyes-took a Alavert-and it did not do anything-and of course had to work all day:P

You are all in my thoughts and prayers
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