Ro - The Apocalypse Girl (apocalypsegrrl) wrote in deathtopred,
Ro - The Apocalypse Girl

Intro and question

Hey, I'm Ro. I've on the pretty pretty white pill for years now, for Lupus. It sucked then and it sucks now.

Question: What would you do in the scenerio: you haven't taken your pred and have no way whatsoever to get any for the next 8 hours. Do you have a backup med that you might take instead?

For the record, I usually stave off my symptoms (joint swelling, plursey, muscle aches, etc.) with Alleve if I've missed my pred dose. Just curious if anybody else here has done something similar.
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I don't think it's ever happened in the 13 years I've taken pred. I'm never away from home for that amount of time without my meds along, and if I were, or they were stolen or something (it's happened) whatever I am doing and wherever I'm doing it are put on the back burner while I'm in the nearest local emergency room obtaining more pred. I'd probably just keel over and die, at the doses I'm on, if I skipped more than two doses in a row. There really isn't anything OTC that's even vaguely close -- I've found when I'm more swollen than usual, plain aspirin works the best. Tylenol is a worthless joke. Ibuprofen and Aleve help a wee bit with the overall pain, but not with the joint swelling. Aspirin's highly underrated!
better always you have takes about six hours aftre taking it before you feel any releif.